Why Use Self Storage

Ease of Access

Our self storage facility makes it easy to get to your belongings. Ground level facilities and well lit, paved driveways mean you can drive right up to your unit to store and retrieve your possessions. 

Reduce Clutter

Renting a self storage unit can be a great way to reduce cutter and free up needed space at the home or office.  Whether  you are storing a few boxes, furniture, vehicles or other items that you aren’t currently using, a safe place to keep your items is a storage unit.


More times than not, a self-storage facility offers more security than homes.  In addition to a lock, facilities are often protected by a security fence, surveillance cameras, a gated entry, limited entry after hours, exterior lighting and on-site management. Some people have chosen to purchase an in-home security system or surveillance  for your home. While this may protect the items stored in your home, will it protect items left in your yard, garage or your backyard storage shed?  Self-storage units give you the benefits of both extra storage space and added security with better benefits and less cost.

Security Lock With Every unit

We offer a free lock with your unit!


Some items like powered hand tools, drills and ladders can cause potential hazards at home and should be placed in a secure area to ensure the safety of your family. If you are handy around the house and enjoy renovation projects, by storing some of the more potentially dangerous items you could reduce the risk of possible accidents around the house.


Homes and apartments usually do not have the storage space to hold bulky not often used items. For example, if you have ski boats, canoes or collectibles, you may not have room for them in your garage or outside storage shed.  A Self storage unit could give you a place to store such items that provides protection from the weather and some added security.  Do you store items in the garage instead of parking your car?  Items like exercise equipment, camping supplies and boxes can take up precious space. If you want to reclaim it for your car, a storage unit may be the perfect solution.


Storage insurance may be cheaper than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Insurance will replace your valuables if they are stolen or damaged while in storage. This is another money saving reason to store in a facility vs your home.